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Using the correspondences below, pick the month that matches the card. Swords Wands Cups Pentacles 2=September 2=March 2=June 2=December 3=October 3=April 3=July 3=January 4=November 4=May 4=August 4=February If you're wondering when your partner will propose and you get the 4 of Wands, your answer is May. Try to ignore the meaning of the cards.

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How Celtic Cross Spreads Work. Card 1 is drawn and placed in the centre. Card 2 is drawn and placed on top of the first to form a cross. Card 3 is drawn and placed underneath with cards 4, 5, and 6 circling the cards in a clockwise motion; this forms a cross on the outside of the original cross. Cards 7, 8, 9, and 10 are then drawn and placed.

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One of very common tarot spread is Celtic Cross Spread. This spread is ten card spread where detailed on past, distant past, current past and more is been taken out. For any situation where a client is seeking a deep insights and more details about the life this is best spread a reader uses. This uses a 10 cards detailed readings shredding.

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Example of the Expanded Celtic Cross Spread in action. Card 1 – The Querent, the situation, the question – 7 Wands. Keywords: Competition, defending oneself, challenges to be met. Card 2 – The obstacles, what crosses the Querent – 7 Swords. Keywords: Uncertainty, danger of something being taken away.